About Me

I have been an artist ever since I was a small girl living in Northwestern Minnesota.

After 18 years of small town life, I moved to the Twin Cities and attended the University of Minnesota where I received a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Art.

Although I’ve worked in many other artistic mediums, my first love will always be photography.  I have done everything from photographing weddings and events to creating tiny scenes with plastic army men, but my favorite canvas is nature.

Some of my newest photography adventures has included newborn, children, family, and pregnancy photos.  I absolutely adore shooting in the moment and capturing those everyday moments of joy. I strive to keep what I’m doing affordable for those that I’m doing work for.

My official site is lynneanelson.com.  Please visit that site if you are interested in having me do work for you or if you’re interested in my other artistic endevors such as my jewelry design or the glass fusing work that I do!

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Terrible Twos ;-)

The lovely Miss Eve turned two this year and, of course, requested that I take her photos. She is quite the ham, I must say, and she definitely knows how to have fun. Now that she’s two, she’ll be giving both her parents quite the work out every day of the week.

Eve 080 final

Eve 227 finalbw

Eve 416 finalbw

Eve 410 final

Eve 472 final

Eve 423 finalbw

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Baby A

I met baby A for his very first photo session one humid afternoon in May that turned into a bit of a stormy afternoon when the clouds darkened and rain began pouring from the sky. A was absolutely enthralled with watching the lightning flash across the sky.

049 final

043 finalbw

064 final

074 finalbw

110 finalbw

008 finalbw

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Miss Amelia has grown quite a bit since I first met her just over a year ago. I really enjoy doing her photos. She’s just so fun and exploratory. There is nothing like a curious little child that can make life more amusing.

007 final

020 final

111 final

088 finalbw

360 final

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Nina + Wynand = <3

I just love a very personalized wedding… and, even though Nina & Wynand’s wedding happened on probably the coldest day of May, it made quite an impression on me.

118 final

025 finalbw

167 finalbw

404 finalbw

592 finalprocessed

610 finalbw

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H is probably one of my favorite little guys (I know, I shouldn’t have favorites, but I just can’t help loving the children of my friends).  Even though these photos were taken back in May, I still can’t believe how big he had gotten!

Harrison 001 finalbw

Harrison 010 final

Harrison 034 final

Harrison 199 finalbw

Harrison 102 finalbw

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She’s 1!

Miss K had her very first birthday this spring… and what a little darling she is…

005 final

079 finalbw

064 final

046 finalWe did her session at the Como Conservatory.  For a total of $50 we are able to do a 30 minute session of 1 or 2 people inside the conservatory.

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Baby C

I took baby C’s photos what seem like ages ago now and I’m just finally getting to post this little darling!

013 final

027 final

052 final

120 final

167 finalbw

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Catching up…

In an attempt to catch up on all the blog posts that I’ve been lagging behind on, you will see quite a few posts from past sessions happening in the next few days.  Please bare with me and enjoy some photos that I’ve taken over the last couple months!

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Snow Time.

It may be March, but winter is still here in Minnesota.

310 final

330 final

332 final

334 final

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Back again!

It’s been a wild few months with Lynne A Nelson Photography and I can’t thank all of my wonderful friends enough for all the of the support that I constantly get.  I’m working every day to make my dream of being a full-time photographer into my reality.  I’m very very excited to have numerous weddings on my plate this year as well as families, newborns, lots of children, seniors, and anything else that comes my way.  There will likely be many changes to pricing and packages this year as my business grows but my goal is to keep all of my clients and friends in mind.  Love you all!

new mosaic

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